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Our Platform

A platform packed with powerful features
A platform packed with powerful features
PayXPOS offers you unbeatable functionality that’s flexible to meet your changing and diverse business needs.

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Based on Open API specifications

Based on a serverless computing platform

Supports multiple currencies, countries & languages

Supports multi-payment methods (Cards, e-Wallets, etc.)

Designed for Processing Centers, Acquirers, Retailers and Money Transfer companies

Supports design customisation (Colours & logo)

How legacy payment systems work

  • Limited to legacy payment channels (ATM, POS, e-commerce) and payment methods (Cards)
  • Depend on heavy integration with third-party systems using complex specifications
  • Need huge development to add new services and functionalities
  • Require high maintenance and operation costs

How our payment system works

  • Open to new payment methods (Wallets, QR Codes, NFC) on new channels (Android & iOS Mobile, Smart Speakers)
  • Based on open API specifications for easy integration with third-party providers
  • Easy to add new services and functionalities which can be exposed as APIs
  • Easy to maintain and operate with optimised costs

Backend services for reporting & analytics

Get dashboards, reports, and measure KPIs with ease.

Get analytics and powerful data to gain insights and support your business objectives:

  • Transaction Amount
  • Transaction Volume
  • Transaction Response Code
  • Per day/per week/per month/per year
  • Daily/Week-to-date/Month-to-date /Year-to-date
  • Customised dates interval
There’s a plan for everyone
We offer different plans to meet different business needs. Our platform manages 3 kinds of client plans from multiple countries with multiple currencies.

Turnkey digital payment platform

State-of-the-art key components to run your digital payment infrastructure

Backend Services

Core functions that manage customers, retailers, accounts, users, cards, products, etc.

Frontend Apps

Web & Mobile Apps used by customers & retailers to process transactions & manage operations.


with external service providers such as VISA, Mastercard, Twilio, Mailgun, XE, etc.

Developer Portal

Portal providing APIs documentation to external developers wishing to interface with the platform.